What we do as an Organization

At the National level, our Executive Director represents the interests of all Coast Guard Enlisted personnel on various committees and councils on military affairs in Washington, DC, and provides information to the membership on what is happening. Chiefs elected to National Office stay in contact with Headquarters to keep them informed on our ideas and opinions, and are responsible for administering policy of the CPOA.

At the Chapter level, Chiefs assist local commands with various seminars, help CG families assimilate into the local community by providing information about stores, schools, churches, etc., and help dependents of members away from their families feel welcome and part of the Coast Guard family. Arrange CG Day picnics, children’s Christmas parties, Thanksgiving and Easter Day activities and other social events, and provide assistance to the local community in organized sports, clean-ups, neighborhood crime watches, Scout organizations, etc. CPOA members take part in nationally organized assistance programs such as the Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon and Special Olympics.