Welcome to the Rock ‘N’ Roll CGEA Branch

“With the traditions of the past, together we face the challenges of the future”

Rock’N’Roll CGEA Branch Officers

President: PO2 Jamie Speaks
Vice-President: PO1 Brady Adkins
Secretary: PO2 Lindsay Cole
Treasurer: PO1 Jason Truax

Rock”N”Roll CGEA Branch was established 28 January 2015. As a branch, formed under the North Coast Chief Petty Officers Association, our purpose is to assist our fellow shipmates, commands, and community.

The following identifies some of our missions, and in keeping with the National CGEA’s Purpose:

-Be prepared to support members and dependents in need,
-Assist the North Coast Chief Petty Officers in their endeavors,
-Promote professional advancement through responsible leadership,
-Encourage involvement in personal growth,
-Support all command policies and functions,
-Promote and sponsor social programs,
-Be active in the community affairs and aid those in need,
-Remain positive, focused and have fun along the way.

Chief Petty Officer Cole from Station Cleveland Harbor receiving his Cleveland Area CGEA Departing Member Award from Petty Officer Speaks (Left). Petty Officer Cole from Base Cleveland receiving her Award from Petty Officer Speaks and Petty Officer Adkins (Right).

cgea 2cgea 2 bmc departing